Voice language translator, let you experience the beauty of Tokyo [Hishell]

398 Published by Hishell 11 03,2019

Recently, many friends have traveled to Japan to travel, but they are complaining to me about a problem, that is, they can't communicate smoothly with the Japanese, and the Japanese can't understand what they are saying, which leads to many problems. Later, I told them that you can try the voice language translator, the Hishell intelligent voice translation machine, can convert more than one hundred languages, of course, Japanese is not a problem.

voice language translator
Later, at my suggestion, they bought the voice language translator for the Hishell. During the free travel in Japan, they fully experienced the role of this translator, helping them complete many processes, and the software also supports each other. Translation, you can be with the Japanese, one person can say one, and then through the software conversion, both sides can understand what others are saying. I think this feature is very easy to use and practical in everyday life.

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