Google translate microphone, the language problem is fully solved [Hishell]

349 Published by Hishell 11 03,2019

Nowadays, our life is becoming more and more diversified. Google translate microphone, many people are beginning to like to travel abroad and go out to see the scenery abroad. However, one of the biggest problems to go abroad is language.
I have a cousin. She majored in English at school and is now a google translate microphone. She often goes abroad. When I go home for the New Year, when we get together, my friends and family will show us what photos she has taken abroad. Recently, she plans to go abroad with her mother, my aunt, for a while. My aunt said this news on the WeChat group, it can be regarded as the sorrow of the other old sisters, including my mother.

google translate microphone
My mom told me about this, and I said, "If you and your aunt are going together, I will buy you a google translate microphone." Then I searched several better translators for her. So, I started to search and download several voice translation software, and after I tried it several times, I decided to make a suitable Hishell speech translator.
The Hishell google translate microphone can translate more than one hundred languages and can be used for photo recognition. When you order food in a foreign country, you can directly take photos and identify them to avoid embarrassment. This translation machine is small and exquisite, easy to carry, is the best choice for you to go abroad.

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