Google translation voice, synchronous translation of what you said [Hishell]

51 Published by Hishell 11 08,2019

The intelligent synchronous translator is a scientific artifact. The Hishell google translation voice is a very good product! As a scholar studying social sciences, academic seminars are an indispensable part of the work. With the development of the times and the changes of science and technology, the economic backgrounds of different countries often differ greatly. The angles of seeing problems are different from each other, so cross-country exchanges are often needed. It is a wonderful thing to communicate with people from different perspectives. I enjoy this process.

google translation voice
A colleague asked me: Do you have no language barriers? I told him with a smile, because I have a baby, Hishell google translation voice, which can achieve simultaneous interpretation between different languages.
There are so many countries in the world, and there are many languages. How can I finish it? Fortunately, there is a Hishell google translation voice, which can fully automatic simultaneous interpretation, take the translation machine in the hand, and form the same translation assistant to accompany you. It can automatically judge the language of speech, and now supports the conversion of 117 languages, which is very easy to use.
Now we are meeting, it depends on it.

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