Hishell Sales Team Mid-Autumn Festival Games Party.

808 Published by admin 10 07,2019

Arises above the sea is a bright moon, Shared by all of us near or far,And brought us all together at this very moment. The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by the eager arrival of all our Gobay friends. This event is mainly based on team games.In this activity, I deeply realized the joy brought by the group activities and the joy of the festive season.

First we draw lots into two groups.conduct eight game matches,We have played games such as stick your nose up, darts, make animated gestures while speaking and so on.Everyone is working hard to contribute to their team.And ‘make animated gestures while speaking’enhance the tacit understanding of everyone,in the fierce pursuit of the small partners, our team won by 5:3.And get the mysterious award of Apple original headphones.

The Mid-Autumn Festival has always been described as the most humane festival,So it's essential to have a reunion dinner.
Colleague is a family.Let's eat and drink and enjoy the holidays together.

The party is always short, but the memory will always be in the bottom of everyone's heart

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