Intelligent voice translator, solve German nowhere [Hishell]

53 Published by Hishell 11 08,2019

Intelligent voice translator, it is very useful to have a German translation machine. Germany is a very rigorous country, so it is also very important to the language. In recent years, many people have chosen to travel to Germany in order to explore this rigorous The country, but many people have encountered a serious problem, that is, the language is unreasonable, because there is a clear distinction between German and Chinese. Many people have not studied German in a professional way, so they will encounter many problems in the process of traveling to Germany.

intelligent voice translator
From a very early age, Hishell companies tried to use artificial intelligence to solve the problem of people-to-people communication, from the earliest hearing translation platform to the later Hishell intelligent voice translator, to the Hishell intelligent voice translator, we are going to introduce to you today. Machine 2.0 is moving forward step by step toward the goal of "free communication between people."
The Hishell intelligent voice translator, has a small and unique appearance, and it also supports mutual translation between different languages, and no longer has to worry about language barriers.

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