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235 Published by Hishell 04 14,2021

Which ispeak voice translator is better? The Chinese outbound travel market focuses on the pain points of poor language communication when hundreds of millions of people travel, and the need to solve is more urgent; at the same time, the focus on outbound travel market applications also avoids the "distortion" of general-purpose translation languages ​​in personalized application scenarios. , The translation accuracy rate will be higher. The Hishell translator is a new generation of intelligent translators, which supports mutual translation of more than one hundred languages, and also supports offline translation. A good translator is more capable and smarter.
The Hishell ispeak voice translator supports the recognition of 51 languages ​​around the world, and uses scanning, photographing, and voice for translation. It is powerful; it has an AI assistant with voice control, which is easy to use; it supports 4G global Internet access and has basic communication functions.

ispeak voice translator
The price of this ispeak voice translator is still very affordable. . Its shape is really very small, a bit like a reading pen, it is a slender strip, can be easily put in the trouser pocket, it is very convenient to carry, but after seeing its small shape, I still have some doubts about its performance, so in order to verify whether the Hishell voice translator is good, I quickly started using it.
The multi-polar application of AI technology will make AI translators more AI-like, and more functions and smarter operations will become the vane of industry development. Which translator to choose? Of course don't miss the Hishell ispeak voice translator! It is a good helper for you to travel abroad, foreign language learning, business communication, and in daily life, it can also help us increase our interest in foreign languages, cultivate our hobbies, and facilitate us to learn foreign languages ​​and get in touch with a higher breadth.

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