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444 Published by Hishell 04 15,2021

Let's take a look at the evaluation of the simultaneous translation machine. In today's society, the frequency of intelligent voice translation is getting higher and higher, and English-Chinese translators are becoming more and more popular. What I am sharing today is the Hishell voice note translate, so that your communication will no longer be delayed. The world is huge, and technology has turned the earth into a small global village. The culture is rich and colorful, and the language is different. Today, the Hishell translator makes different worlds have a common beauty.

voice note translate
Whether it is a Nordic country with gorgeous aurora, a vast and deserted African continent, or a Southeast Asian country with a mysterious culture, as long as you have a Hishell voice note translate, your communication will not be delayed. The Hishell translator now supports instant translation in 77 languages, so that communication no longer hinders the pace of freedom; real-time photo translation, so that daily road signs, menus and other foreign languages ​​can be integrated into daily life; offline translation is supported, so that you don’t have a network The place is still unimpeded.
At the same time, the Hishell voice note translate also has a voice search function, so sometimes children use it to learn foreign languages. It is also very practical. After using it for a while, the child tells me that it can even help him with some near-phonetic words. I found it, so it has become a good helper for children to learn languages, but the children said that the display screen is a bit small, which is also limited by its body, which is understandable. Other problems have not been discovered yet.

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