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53 Published by Hishell 11 08,2019

Portable voice translator is very convenient, can solve most of the language barriers you encounter in daily life, Hishell live audio translation, focus on the development and sales of translation field, if you feel very good, please consult us
Whether it's a Nordic country with a gorgeous aurora, a vast and wild African land, or a Southeast Asian country with a mysterious culture, as long as you want to go and hold a Hishell live audio translation, your communication is no longer delayed.

live audio translation
The Hishell live audio translation now supports instant translation in 117 languages, so that communication no longer hinders the pace of freedom; real-time photo translation, allowing road signs, menus and other foreign languages in daily life to be integrated into the daily life; support offline translation, let you In places where there is no network, it is still unimpeded.
In addition, the Hishell live audio translation also supports offline translation, no signal translation, quick response, no network is not afraid, it is easier to follow the translation. More advanced functions such as recording and recording, voice memo and text are waiting for you to experience.

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