Published by Hishell11 03,2019

Google translate voice to help you solve language barriers [Hishell]

As our social living environment becomes more and more international, whether it is daily life or traveling abroad, it is inevitable to communicate with people from other countries. This is a very difficult thing for a friend whose foreign language is not very good. A good google translate voice makes it easy. Although there are a lot of mobile phone voice translation software on the market, the voice translating machine is really efficient and easy to use. The Hishell google translate voice has powerful analytical capabilities, which can quickly and accurately translate the content you want and help you understand. other languages. One of the most important parameters of a speech translator is its accuracy, because if the accuracy is too low, it will cause a lot of trouble in the process of use, so the Hishell team carefully studied for many years, and finally the translation accuracy of the translator is greatly improved. . In addition, the Hishell google translate voice also sup...

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Published by Hishell11 02,2019

Voice translator, cross-language communication is not a dream [Hishell]

Voice translator, In the 21st century, the rapid development of the Internet has made the world a global village that is close at hand. Intelligentization is an irreversible historical trend. However, in the context of the global village, the problem of language barriers is even more prominent. When everyone is talking about the era of artificial intelligence, there may not be many people who think that the arrival of the AI era is actually from artificial intelligence language recognition. The translation begins. With the gradual acceleration of the internationalization process, cross-language communication has become a very important issue. Whether it is tourism, commerce or politics, an efficient language barrier solution is needed. The Voice translator is in recent years. A product emerging from the artificial intelligence industry is powerful and has a very high translation efficiency. It has many uses in learning, tourism and trade. The Hishell Voice translator can solve most...

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Published by admin10 07,2019

Hishell Sales Team Mid-Autumn Festival Games Party.

Arises above the sea is a bright moon, Shared by all of us near or far,And brought us all together at this very moment. The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by the eager arrival of all our Gobay friends. This event is mainly based on team games.In this activity, I deeply realized the joy brought by the group activities and the joy of the festive season.   First we draw lots into two groups.conduct eight game matches,We have played games such as stick your nose up, darts, make animated gestures while speaking and so on.Everyone is working hard to contribute to their team.And ‘make animated gestures while speaking’enhance the tacit understanding of everyone,in the fierce pursuit of the small partners, our team won by 5:3.And get the mysterious award of Apple original headphones. The Mid-Autumn Festival has always been described as the most humane festival,So it's essential to have a reunion dinner. Colleague is a family.Let's eat and drink and enjoy the holidays together. ...

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Published by admin08 24,2019

Hishell Team Building and Travel to Huizhou Bihaiwang Drifting

17th-18th August, 2019, Hishell company organized a two-day trip to Huizhou. We played very happy and unforgettable. Thanks to the company for letting us have two days of happiness. This time I went with my colleagues. It was also the first time I went to travel with my colleagues. In this way, the two-day trip began. We arrived at the destination and went on a cruise to the sea, barbecue bonfire, speedboat soaring, and rafting. What impressed me the most was drifting on the water. Drifting down the stream, the first thing I encountered was a large water flow drop. The water in the rapids has wet our whole body, it is really thrilling. The entire drifting has a gentle drift like a mirror, and there are also choppy drifts, But after our joint efforts, mutual cooperation is shocking, We fight together, Unity, and common resistance, Then the wet happily laughed. Drifting gives us not only the thrill of shocking, the thrill of defeating nature. but also the joy of working with my par...

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