Pocket voice translator to help you solve the language barrier [Hishell]

54 Published by Hishell 11 08,2019

An audio translator, a talking translator, can help you solve small problems in your language. Hishell pocket voice translator
With the development of science and technology, many fields are undergoing rapid changes and updates, and a large number of new products have emerged. The terms such as Internet+, artificial intelligence, and big data continue to impact people's attention and bring new choices.

 pocket voice translator
In the field of translation machines, different types of translation machines are also being updated rapidly. The latest translation of Hishells has more advanced technology and stronger functions. The Hishell has developed a powerful translation engine with its deep scientific and technological heritage. It has now supported any switch in 117 languages. In addition to a powerful language library, the Hishell pocket voice translator also supports photo translation in 43 languages, anytime, anywhere, want to shoot, whether it is a road sign or a menu, you do not understand, Hishell to help you understand! In addition, Hishell pocket voice translator 2.0 also supports offline translation, no signal translation, quick response, no network is not afraid, it is easier to follow the translation.

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