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466 Published by Hishell 04 15,2021

The price of translate spoken arabic to english is very affordable. Not long ago, the language translator at a summit showed people that the speech recognition of the translator is not equal to the simultaneous interpretation of artificial intelligence. Proved by facts, artificial intelligence translation and artificial simultaneous interpretation are obviously not the same concept. Where is the "wisdom" of its wisdom? Where is the "can"? Hishell translate spoken arabic to english, it works well!

translate spoken arabic to english
In vocal music translation, the communication between people is very complicated. American correspondent Albert Merabin proposed a communication formula: Full expression of information in communication = 7% pitch + 38% voice + 55% body language. Therefore, it can be seen that some friends do not understand a few foreign languages ​​and can travel in many countries with body language. The challenge for artificial intelligence translation is to understand other people's speeches from this "7% pitch + 38% voice".
Especially for vocal translation, its semantics are very complicated. For example, a sentence or even a word in Chinese has different meanings in different scenes. Simply put, such as No. 3.15, in the words "Today is No. 3.15" and "Today's standard room is 315 yuan", artificial intelligence translators need accurate translation, not literal translation.
Today's Hishell translate spoken arabic to english can complete all of these and solve your troubles.

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