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Waterproof and Sweatproof TG02 Translation Earbuds: Wireless True Stereo, Real-time Translation, Smart Voice Control

Product Specification:

  • Model TG02
  • Brand Hishell/OEM
  • Language 144 Languages
  • Translation Mode Three Modes
  • Offline Languages 13 Kinds
  • System Languaes 13 system Languages

Waterproof and Sweatproof TG02 Translation Earbuds: Wireless True Stereo, Real-time Translation, Smart Voice Control

Translator earbuds are smart devices designed to provide real-time language translation and voice communication capabilities. It usually consists of two earbuds, each with a built-in microphone and speaker, and is equipped with voice recognition and speech synthesis technology. Users can place these earbuds in their ears and then control the translation function through an app connected to a smartphone or other device.

Translation earbuds work by picking up the language spoken by the user through a microphone and sending it to an app on the connected device for speech recognition. The application converts the recognized speech into text and sends it to a cloud server for language translation. The cloud server translates the text into the desired target language and sends the translation results back to the application. The application then plays the translation results in the target language through the earbuds' speakers, achieving real-time translation effects.

Translation earbuds usually support translation in multiple languages, and users can select the source language and target language according to their needs. This device is very useful for international travel, cross-language communication and daily communication in multi-language environments. It can help users overcome language barriers and achieve real-time language communication.

TG02 translation earbuds is TWS earbuds support HD Call, 144 free languages. It is waterproof and sweatproof, which let users can wear it when sweat or on rainy days.

The features of TG02 translation earbuds is following below.

Wireless 5.1/ HD Call/ Accurate Translation (98%)/ Switch Left and Right(Toch the earphone)/ High Quality Sound (Noise-cancelling)/ Life Waterproof/ Compatible Device/ Touch Control(Play and Pause, Calling, Voice Control, Volume add and reduce)/ Long Battery Life

The TG02 translation earbuds have three powerful translation functions as below.

1/Touch Mode: Two people wear an earphone, click or double-click the earphone to translate in real-time , suitable for acquaintances who are willing to wear your earphone.

2/Speaker Mode: One person wears earphones and one person holds the mobile phone, suitable for strangers who are inconvenient to wear your earphones.

3/Free talk mode: Two people wear an earphone each, translate in real-time, release their hands, and communicate freely.

Free Multilingual Translation--144 free languages

The TG02 translation earbuds is an advanced device that uses the three major translation engines of Google, Microsoft and Baidu. It can provide accurate real-time translation and is constantly updated to increase the number of supported languages. This allows users to communicate across languages easily.

By integrating technology from Google, Microsoft and Baidu translation engines, the TG02 translation earbuds can provide high-quality translation services. These three translation engines are industry-leading translation technology providers with rich experience and advanced algorithms in the fields of language processing and machine translation. By leveraging their translation engine, the TG02 translation earbuds enable accurate and smooth real-time translation.

The TG02 translation earbuds currently supports real-time translation in 144 languages. This means that users can choose to translate from any one language to another to achieve cross-language communication. Whether it is common mainstream languages or some rarer languages, TG02 translation earbuds provide a wide range of language support.

In addition to the 144 languages already supported, the TG02 translation earbuds are constantly updated and adding supported languages. This means that over time, users will be able to enjoy real-time translation capabilities in more languages to meet expanding language needs.

In summary, the TG02 translation earbuds uses the three major translation engines of Google, Microsoft and Baidu to provide accurate real-time translation of 144 languages, and is constantly updated to increase the number of supported languages. This allows users to communicate in multiple languages easily and promotes cross-cultural communication and understanding.

As the Real Time translation earbuds, TG02 has these advantages as below.

1/Cross-language communication: The real-time translation function of TG02 translation earbuds can help people communicate between different languages and overcome language barriers. It can convert one language into another in real time, allowing people to understand each other instantly.

2/Convenience: It is very convenient to use TG02 translation earbuds for real-time translation. The headphones are small and lightweight, so they can be carried around and used at any time. This allows users to perform language translation at any time during travel, business meetings, international exchanges, etc., without relying on other people or devices.

3/Real-time: Real-time translation translates instantly during a conversation with virtually no delay. This means users can hear the translation immediately, helping achieve smooth communication and instant understanding.

4/Multi-language support: Many translation headsets support translation in multiple languages, covering major languages around the world. This allows users to communicate in different language environments, whether it is travel, business negotiations or communication in daily life, it is convenient.

5/Privacy protection: Using translation headphones for language translation can protect users' privacy. Compared with sending speech to the cloud for translation, translation headsets usually perform speech recognition and translation processing locally on the device, reducing the transmission and storage of speech data and increasing the security of privacy protection.

The TG02 translation earbuds also has a variety of other functions and conveniences. These include features such as mode switching, music playback, and touch control, allowing users to use it flexibly in different scenarios.

First of all, the TG02 translation earbuds upports mode conversion. This means users can switch the headphones into different modes as needed, including translation mode and music mode. In translation mode, the headphones focus on providing real-time translation; while in music mode, users can enjoy a high-quality music playback experience. The mode conversion function makes the headset more versatile and flexible to meet the diverse needs of users.

Secondly, the TG02 translation earbuds can be used as music headphones. In addition to the translation function, the headphones also have the ability to play music. Users can enjoy high-quality music by connecting their mobile phones or other audio devices. This makes the headset a versatile device that can not only meet the needs of language translation but also provide the pleasure of music appreciation.

In addition, it also uses touch control technology. Through simple touch operations, users can conveniently control the functions of the headset. For example, a single touch can answer or hang up a call, and play or pause music; a double touch can adjust the volume; three touches on the right ear can switch to the previous song, and three touches on the left ear can switch to the Next song. Touching the earphone for 3 seconds can increase and reduce the volume and for 2 seconds to summon Siri. This touch control design makes the operation of the headset simpler and more intuitive, providing a better user experience.

To sum up, the TG02 translation earbuds not only has a real-time translation function, but also supports mode conversion, music playback and touch control. These features make the headset a versatile device suitable for different scenarios and needs. Users can switch functions at any time to conveniently perform language translation, music appreciation and operation control.

The left and right earbuds of TG02 can independently emit different audio signals to simulate a real stereo effect.

Here are some of the features and benefits of the TG02 True Stereo feature:

Real sound field performance: Through independent left and right audio outputs, TG02 can provide a more realistic and immersive sound field performance. You can feel the three-dimensional distribution of music, sound effects and voices to enhance your listening experience.

Enhanced sense of space: True Stereo function can simulate the position and direction of sound in three-dimensional space, allowing you to more accurately perceive the source and movement of sound. This provides a more immersive listening experience for music, movies, games, and more.

Separation clarity: TG02's True Stereo function can separate the audio signals of the left and right channels, providing clearer and more accurate audio resolution. This means you can better hear the details and different instruments in your music, sound effects, and more.

Personalized audio experience: Since the True Stereo feature provides more precise sound localization and separation, you can adjust the volume balance of the left and right channels according to your personal preferences for an audio experience that better suits your preferences.

Music sharing: TG02's True Stereo function allows you to share music and sound content with others. Everyone can wear a pair of earbuds and enjoy independent left and right channel audio, providing a better sharing experience.


Product spcification of TG02 translation earbuds.

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