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Y113 Translation Earbuds: Real-Time Multilingual Translation, Long Battery Life, IPX4 Waterproof Rating, Magnetic Charging Case, and Comfortable Soft Ear Tips for Seamless Communication

Product Specification:

  • Model Y113
  • Brand Hishell/OEM
  • Language 144 Languages
  • Translation Mode Three Modes
  • Offline Languages 13 Kinds
  • System Languaes 13 system Languages

Y113 Translation Earbuds: Real-Time Multilingual Translation, Long Battery Life, IPX4 Waterproof Rating, Magnetic Charging Case, and Comfortable Soft Ear Tips for Seamless Communication

Translation earbuds, also known as language translation earbuds, are wireless earbuds equipped with technology that can translate spoken language in real-time. These earbuds utilize a combination of speech recognition, machine translation, and text-to-speech synthesis to provide on-the-spot translations for users.

The Y113 translation earbuds work in conjunction with a mobile app Wooask that connects to the earbuds via Bluetooth. The app acts as the interface for selecting languages, adjusting settings, and controlling the translation process. When a user speaks into the earbuds, the audio is processed by the app, which then translates the speech into the desired language and plays it back through the earbuds.

Translation earbuds have gained popularity as they offer a convenient and portable solution for language translation, especially in situations where direct communication in different languages is necessary. They can be useful for travelers, business professionals, and individuals who interact with people from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Therefore, the smart translation earbuds Y113 allow people to communicate at zero distance.

This headset has the following features:
1/ 144 Translation Languages

2/Real-Time Translation

3/Large Capacity Battery

4/HD Call

5/Upgrade 5.3

6/Mini Compact


8/Quick Connection

9/Wide Compatibility

Y113 Translation Earbuds can achieve near-simultaneous interpretation effects.Under the two-way simultaneous interpretation, the other party's translation dialogue can be carried out simultaneously, speaking and translating together, which greatly improves the efficiency.

Translation earbuds Y113 can provide people with a barrier-free way to communicate. For situations where language barriers occur, translation headsets can translate conversations between different languages in real-time, allowing people to understand each other almost instantly. 

This is useful for travelers, international business people, immigrants, and cross-cultural communication situations. Translation headphones can help people bridge language barriers and promote communication and understanding.

Through the translation headset, people can have a conversation directly in their native language and hear the other party's translation results in the headset. This instant translation function greatly simplifies the communication process and makes it easier for people to communicate and understand each other.

In general, translation earbuds Y113 provide people with a convenient and instant barrier-free communication method, helping to overcome language barriers and promote global communication and mutual understanding.

The Y113 translation headset has a noise reduction function, which helps improve the accuracy of speech recognition. Noise reduction technology can effectively reduce noise interference from the surrounding environment, allowing the headset to capture and recognize the user's voice more clearly.

By reducing background noise, translation headphones can provide clearer and more accurate speech input, thereby improving the quality of speech recognition. This is important for real-time translation and communication, as accurate speech recognition is the basis for accurate translation.

Noise reduction is typically achieved through the use of built-in microphone arrays and specialized algorithms. The microphone array is capable of picking up sounds in multiple directions to differentiate between the user's voice signal and ambient noise. Algorithms analyze and suppress noise, allowing the speech recognition system to focus more on the user's voice input.

"Pre-noise reduction" refers to the original audio or speech signal before any noise reduction processing has been applied. It represents the audio as captured or recorded, including any background noise or interference that may be present.

"After noise reduction" refers to the processed audio or speech signal after applying noise reduction techniques or algorithms. This step aims to reduce or remove unwanted background noise, enhancing the clarity and intelligibility of the speech.

Y113 translation headset supports multiple free accurate languages(one year free use). This translation headset uses advanced speech recognition and machine translation technology to translate multiple languages in real time. It has accurate translation capabilities and can help users communicate smoothly between different languages.

The headset supports a variety of commonly used languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Users simply connect the headset to a translation app on their phone or other device, select the desired source and target languages, and start a conversation.

With the Y113 translation headset, you can easily travel, have business meetings, learn foreign languages, or communicate with people from different language backgrounds without worrying about language barriers. It provides a convenient and efficient way to transcend language barriers, making it easier for you to communicate with people around the world.

The Y113 Translation Earbud has three different modes to adapt to different occasions.

Touch Mode: Two people wear an earphone, click or double-click the earphones to translate in real-time, suitable for acquaintances who are willing to wear your earphone.

Speaker Mode: One person wears earphones and one person holds the mobile phone, suitable for strangers who are inconvenient to wear your earphones.

Free Talk Mode: Two people wear an earphone each, translate in real-time, release their hands, and communicate freely.

The battery capacity of the Y113 translation earbuds has been increased to provide longer use time. The earphones themselves can be used continuously for 5 hours, and the charging box can provide additional power to the earphones, extending the use time to 24 hours. Every time you put the earphones into the charging compartment for charging, it only takes 40 minutes to complete the charging process.

This design makes the Y113 translation earbuds a portable and efficient device. Users can use the earphones for most of the day without the need for frequent charging. When the power of the earphones is low, put them into the charging compartment for quick charging, and they can be used again in just 40 minutes.

In short, the Y113 translation earbuds have been improved in terms of battery capacity, providing longer use time, and the design of the charging compartment also makes the charging process more convenient and efficient. This design ensures that users can continue to enjoy the translation function of the headset without having to charge frequently or worry about battery exhaustion.

The waterproof rating of Y113 translation earbuds is IPX4. An IPX4 rating means the device is waterproof to a certain extent and can resist splashing water from any direction. Specifically, IPX4-rated devices are resistant to sweat and minor water splashes under normal use, but are not suitable for full immersion in water or use in extremely humid environments.

This means that in daily use if you encounter light rain or sweat during outdoor activities, the Y113 translation headphones can provide a certain degree of protection.

The Y113 translation earbuds are equipped with a magnetic opening charging box, magnetic charging contacts and skin-friendly soft earbuds.

1/Magnetic opening charging box: The charging box of the earphones adopts a magnetic design, which is easy to open and close. When you put the earphones into the charging case, the magnetic attraction will automatically attract the earphones to ensure that they are securely fixed in the charging case and convenient for charging and storage.

2/Magnetic charging contact: In the charging box, the contact point between the earphones and the charging box adopts a magnetic charging contact design. This design makes the charging process easier. Just place the earphones correctly in the charging box, and the magnetic attraction will automatically connect to the charging contact points and start charging.

3/Skin-friendly soft earbuds: The earbud part of the headset is made of skin-friendly soft material, providing a comfortable wearing experience. Soft earplugs can better adapt to the shape of the ear, reduce discomfort when worn for long periods of time, and effectively isolate sound, providing a better audio experience.

These designs and features make the Y113 translation earbuds more convenient and user-friendly in terms of use and charging. The magnetic opening charging case and magnetic charging contacts make the charging process easier, while the skin-friendly soft earbuds provide a comfortable fit.

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